Saturday, June 5, 2010

I'm On a Roll!

WooHoo! You know nursing school is winding down if I'm posting twice in 1 day!

We had the pleasure of dear Auntie Aliya last weekend. And, always a pleasure to go to Uvillage. So I'm posting photos to prove it.

Maizey is starting to have vivid dreams--that include talking and laughing in her sleep (which is the cutest thing ever and it's how I woke up this morning--the best wake-up ever!!!), but on the flip-side, she's starting to have nightmares too. She just woke up from what was, presumably, a bad nightmare and is now in bedside me, at 11:20pm watching Monster's Inc. This would have been a really excellent post had my moo stayed peacefully asleep.

Anyway, here's a few photos to make up for it!

Breakfast with Auntie Al

Judy and Moo really had a connection. Judy said Maizey is an old soul. I agree with her.

Gram and Auntie My mom and Aliya's mom joined us for breakfast.

I was a very happy lady to have 2 of my fave girls in one room!

Attitude at Red Mango. Those teeth are off the charts adorable.
Uncle Travie too! I know she looks mad, but this is actually her camera smile. We're working on it.

This is me very sad that my daughter won't take a photo with me.

Leave it to Auntie to give moo lipstick to wear. Um, Chanel lipstick. Dangerous.


Beth Zarling said...

Maiz is cute as always, but those pictures of Erika are very pretty. She looks so thin! Hope you see this Ricki! Something is working for you sister!

Annah said...

Oh mah Gah that last picture is the cutest thing evah :)