Monday, November 9, 2009

So Blogged Out

Add ImageI'm sorry dear friends. I'm so over blogging. I just am. With Ryan gone, it's hard to find the time that is required to post a bunch of photos--Blogger needs to make it easier, write a bunch, and then try to organize it all. If you are a blogger using Blogspot then you know what I mean.

So I will cut right to the chase. Today I had my nursing school interview. It went really great and I'm so excited to find out if I get in--which will probably be sometime in the next few weeks, but up to a month. Ugh. Anyway, I found out that I will have even less time to blog if I do get into the program. Apparently all but the very most important functions of life get lost in the shuffle. Sorry to my soon-to-be-neglected friends.

I went to the cabin last weekend with Georgia, Jessica, and Jill. We had a nice relaxing weekend and I'm ready to do it all again. Actually, what I'm really ready for is on 11/19 when all four of us head to see New Moon at Pacific Place the night before it actually releases! I can't wait!! Team Edward. How could you ever be anything else?

So, I will tell the rest with photos...

Here is my new huge frame that it took me forever to put together. Maizey walks up to this and stares at it forever--until she sees the picture of her with her pacifier in, then she just starts crying to me for her paci. I'm so over that damn soothie!

I can't remember what I put up from our trip to Reminger Farms. So here you go. We had a great time. More photos can be seen at my efficient blogger of a cousin's blogspot:

She loves the swine.

On our scary hike into the woods during the girls weekend. It was so beautiful, even if we were being stalked by wildlife.
Our fearless leader--she was not afraid of being the first one to stumble upon a giant spider or a dead body.

Waiting to make the climb up the tree.
We had to cross Dry Creek (not dry this time of year) to get to where we were going!
She wasn't super psyched, but did a very good job!The weather was gorgeous on Friday afternoon. A perfect snuggly cabin kind of day.

So while I waited for the girls I lit a fire and snuggled up. I eventually turned off the tv and just listened to the sound of the fire and the waves. Seriously, heaven.
We went to Jump Planet during drop-in time with Ashley and Ava last week. Maizey loves Ava and we all had a blast!!
Maizey on the baby jump house.

After a fun slide down!
Can you tell she loves Ava? Who doesn't? That is one smart, sassy, silly 4 year old!

Checking out a turtle at the zoo a couple of weekends ago.

She's a primatologist wannabe just like her mama.
Kisses from the goat.Halloween 2009. My little pumpkin.
Taking to the streets of West Seattle. Meeting up with Emilie.OMG! It was "spuhbub!!!"My girls.Eventually she got the trick or treating thing down, she'd even go by herself!!Sugar break. Only on Halloween. It was a little nuts.She was feeling all sugar-rushed at this point and in a very good mood. She wanted to share her candy with everyone.Winding down the day playing with Cash.Handing out candy to the trick or treaters at Gma's house.Trying to convince me to give her just one more piece of candy. No way baby. She's a chocoholic.Here is a funny video after a busy afternoon of shopping. Maizey is in love with her new shiny flats. So cute.


Erika said...

That is my most favorite video of Moo. It makes me so happy that she is turning into the diva she is meant to be. It means that all of my hard work is paying off...

Mo said...

I'll miss your posts when you get into nursing school Lana. :( They are really fun to read.

I can't believe Erika isn't going with you to the New Moon advance screening?!?! Your sister is obsessed. And I still haven't read a book or seen one of those movies. One day I'll get with it and read one or maybe even join Facebook...

I'm jealous about your cabin weekend- I think your sissy needs to set something like that up for her girlfriends. hint hint erika!

Beth Zarling said...

I don't buy this no time to blog! I saw that frame thing- that took a lot of time. I miss it when you don't blog!
I hope you get into nursing school. I know you will. You are super smart with a great bedside manner. I didn't know you had to interview though!
We should do a girl cousin weekend at the cabin!

Jessica Zevely said...

Holy Camoly...I am in LOVE with your daughter....and this weekend was one of the FUNNEST girlz weekends I've ever had! Even if we almost got eaten by a bear!

Will you email those pics to me? Or picassa them? PLZ?