Thursday, October 8, 2009

i'm too busy for this

i know it's been a long time since i've blogged. here i am though. blogging. i figured this was the only way to stop the heckling. but, seriously, i am crazy-ass busy these days. literally, i get almost no free time. as most of you have heard, ryan ran to dubai on 24hrs notice. leaving me alone to raise our child and apply for the nursing program. luckily, this should be a pretty short trip--just 3 weeks. there will probably be a longer trip in the very near future, maybe just a few weeks after he gets back. i'm not actually sure i'll let him go so easily this time. this single mom in school stuff is h-a-r-d! but, i'm pretty lucky because i've had the help of my mom and my in-laws. i doubt if will be alone much through this time, but it's different having the help of close family vs. your husband , i'm realizing how much i take my hubby for granted. i'm wearing one of his ripened shirts that he left for me. he wore it to bed before he left and i love having something around that smells like him, although in 2 days it'll just smell like me. and, he's going to miss his 30th birthday, and we had to cancel his party. pooh.

anyhoo, yes. i've turned in all the bits and pieces for my nursing school application. it's been a long 3 years, but i am so elated to finally be here. it's out of my hands now. i should know sometime in early-mid december. if i don't bring it up again it's because i didn't get in, so don't ask me about it ;-) we have a good plan b though. if i don't get in, we are going to sell our house and go live abroad for a year or two. ryan can easily secure british citizenship, and if you are a citizen of gb, you can work anywhere in europe without a visa. um, yes please! so it's a good alternative. time will tell...

i have the cutest, silliest daughter in the world. period.

what else? i don't know. i'm busy. this is eating into my quiet time so i'm going to wrap it up here. wrapping it up now. wrapped up.

lots and lots of fotos (in no particular order)....

so adorable. at the cabin with ry's fam.

gram jan reading to maize.

a water tour of tahuya.
she loves her animals!

this is what happens right after little gym but right before nap. passed out eating lunch watching "bob" (spongebob).
Our last drive-in of the year. so fun!
maizey looks soso cute in this photo!a walk in the woods at my favorite park in snoco: mccollum park

peek-a-boo with grammy
eating dirt and lookin' good! nick and jilly at josh's 30th!
the birthday boy...
andy and jamie.

we finally got to see josh perform with his band and they were SO good, even if it was little loud in there! andy getting a bit of bad news :-(
alicia servin' it up!
L-O-V-Esalmon days 2009. so fun! maizey was mostly just interested in all the dogs.
although the alpaca did get her attention!
the fam.
omg, this was the cutest thing ever. maizey LOVED the pony rides. she just got this air about her when she was on the pony like "i'm pretty awesome, and we both know it." it was over the top. the best $5 of my life--and hers so far.
seriously. i know. she was a natural.
applauding at the dock dogs show.
waiting for the bubba to jump...
there he goes!
um, a chocolate covered dingleberry? no, thanks. i thought ours was the home of the dingleberry. the worlds fattest cat has less than stellar hygiene.
more doggies!
the salmon trying to make it past the ladder! she was totes mcgotes into this.
with grammy and grampy or "mum-mum" and "pah-pah"
i would like to take a moment to say that since maize has been alive, i've been to my fair share of festivals. without a doubt salmon days is the best. all the kiddie stuff is free (bouncy houses etc), it's free to go, the hatchery and stream are so cool to see packed with salmon, and cheap pony rides. i can't believe i ever paid to go to taste of edmonds, without a doubt it's the WORST festival i've ever been to.
this last photo here is a little frightening. it's of maizey's baby stroller (one that she can put her dollies in and push around), but instead of putting dollies in it, she just fills it with crap. notice cans of soup and random wrapper garbarge. she looks a little like a bag lady living on the streets. it's a little weird and hopefully not a sign of things to come. i guess i just though of one thing that i'd want her to be less than an engineer--bag lady.
oh, okay, i guess this is the last photo. here is maizey--fresh outta the shower. helping daddy pack. the flashlight is so he can clean out the giant holes where his wisdom teeth once resided. i miss him so much. blergh.
wow! you're up to date. and i'm off the hook for a little while...


Shelley and Ron said...

Damn blog....once you get us all gotta keep the damn thing updated! ha. I loved all of your pics. We will have to hit up Salmon Days next year. 3 weeks seems like a long time for the hubs to be gone - I will be thinking of you (single momhood sucks and I've only done it for a day or two at a time!)

Mo said...

Glad you posted Lana- it had been too long! We went to Salmon Days and I hated it- if I had known you were going we should have met up since you obviously had fun. We walked down the main row of booths and it was all crap- I didn't even see this dog jumping thing, pony rides or bouncy houses?!?!?! Now I'll know for next year.

Congrats on finishing the nursing school apps too- I'm sure it will be all good, but I kind of like your plan B a bit more myself!

DeeDee said...

happy you posted! i've been a BAD blogger lately. you're in my thoughts while your cute hubby is away. you are a GREAT mom.... i can tell just from pics!

Coco said...

Cat dingleberries are the worst...thank god my cat is beige so I can catch 'em quick when she's messy in the litter box. I can just see coming home one day to poo all over my beige sofa, courtesy of Pearl.

The LePiane's said...

Ummm...I take offense to the only thing worse than being an engineer is being a bag lady.

P.S. You will be getting into nursing school. Because:
A) You will be the cream of the crop amongst (is this word british?) nurses. Really, I'm serious.
B) I'm not okay with you living abroad (maybe another britishy word?).
C) Maybe I think that words sound british if they make me sound more intelligent than I am.

Beth Zarling said...

If you are going to go abroad, wait for J and I. We are planning to go in like 2 yrs. Just wait.
We miss you! Are we going to be able to fit in the Harvestfest?