Friday, September 11, 2009

Totes McGotes

The title of this post probably seems weird to you, unless you've seen I Love You, Man. Which is such a funny movie. Totes McGotes is one of the things that we quote everyday from that movie. If you haven't seen it, you should!

Anyway, I'm just burning time. Ryan had his wisdom teeth out this afternoon. He's in the bedroom watching crazy, awful movies (like Crank 2:High Voltage). Maizey is with my mother in law, and I'm left with a bunch of free time. I've already caught up on my Rachel Zoe and Flipping Out, so there's no TV left to watch. Anyway, Ryan is doing pretty well. He only had 2 wisdom teeth--apparently he's more evolved than the rest of us (but probably less wise), so hopefully that will make recovery slightly easier. Poor dude, they couldn't sedate him. It's supposed to be a light general anesthesia (since they can't intubate you in that setting--or just don't), you're not supposed to be awake, luckily I wasn't. Well, for whatever reason, they couldn't put him out. So he was awake, but his memory is spotty. He was also on nitrous, so he was in good spirits and telling all the ladies how much I liked the Twilight saga. Funny boy. Because he has such a high tolerance for medication they gave him a really strong prescription for pain meds. I've been really worried about it. I left briefly (to run an errand) and asked him to stay in bed--just to avoid catastrophe. When I walked in the house, I found him face-down on the floor! I screamed his name, it was just what I feared most! Well, he started to laugh, he was fine. He was fooling me. I guess this means he's feeling okay...

What else? Nothing really. Here are lots of fun photos of the last couple of weeks...

My mom, sis, and darling daughter

Bill Cosby style... This pair is inseparable, except for when they're separated. They're in auntie-niecey love!
Same with these two!

Aww, so sad. Those are stamps on her hands--she gets them after Little Gym.
Cheesy smile!
Looks like a catalog shot, the house and the baby!
Sissys, not sissies. Yes, I know I'm cute!
"Interesting, but terribly overrated..."
Happy girl.
"mmma" and "pahhhhh"
Great grammy's 80th birthday!Looking 80s radical this morning. The top is courtesy of auntie and the shoes were hand-me-downs from cousin Ari.

Lou's collar as a belt. Tres chic!
I've spent my whole life trying to avoid engineers (my friend Jill is the engineer exception--she's very well socialized). I've managed to surround myself with them--my dad, my husband, and now, my daughter. I was in denial about Maizey for most of her life, but I've come to accept it. If there is a buckle, clasp, snap, drawer, zipper, she's all about it! She spends hours (well tens of minutes), just fiddling around with the same buckle, and she endlessly stacks blocks and canned foods. Please tell me this is normal toddler behavior. Please let Maizey be a prima ballerina and medical doctor when she grows up. Or, even a receptionist...We had some torrential downpours last weekend. Maizey loves puddles, so we geared up and took to the street in search of some gigantic puzzles. We ended just having a really great time playing at the school by our house.

This felt so much more impressive than it looks, it felt like I was 10 feet off the ground, not 4!
I think it's time for our whitening...

Cute tush...Daddy's favorite trick!

Playing at the school with daddy. Yes, we're there almost every day.
LOVE that toothy gap!
We had a playdate with cousin Jackson last week!
Playing with their great grammy!


Blyth Family Blog said...

that story about your hubby on the ground is great! ha, he's funny :)
Cute pics, she's such a doll Lana!!

Troy and Ashley said...

Such a cute little girl, and so very stylish. Where you get Maizey's clothes? That vest and bright blue hat are adorable..

Ashley Bruggeman said...

The phrase we always quote from "I Love You, Man" is "city slacka." Paul Rudd is the best. And your family is adorable. I am getting so excited for our play date next week...

Mo said...

That story about Ryan is hilarious- I love pranks like that! And what is the deal with both of you getting wisdom teeth pulled at the same time?? I hope there was a volume discount offered.
Maizey is adorable- do you ever get tired of hearing that?? And she is the most stylish baby out there- poor Emilie is always wearing Carters, Target or Old Navy, or else something from the Bellevue Goodwill! My mom finds all kinds of great clothes and shoes there though. I still need to find time to go to the Mercer Island thrift store to find some treasures.

The LePiane's said...

I love the shout out...Thanks Doll. Sometimes I wonder about my social prowess...having my "non-engineer" loved ones confirm that I'm not totally inept and, in fact, "well socialized" is very relieving. Mwah!