Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The House of Puke and Poop

This is Maizey's new cheezy smile. When she sees a camera, she breaks out her cheezy grin.
I'm pretty sure it doesn't get cuter than this!
Yes. As my title implies, things have been, well, really wet and runny around here. Hmm. After rereading that first sentence and seeing the title, I think it's necessary to elaborate, which should make it a little less disgusting--it's Maizey who's doing the puking and pooping. Anyway, I've changed the sheets 4 times in the last 4 days, and done probably 10 loads of diarrhea or puke related laundry. I caught it and was throwing up and miserable for about 12 hours on Sunday, during this time we literally had little mountains of laundry forming through the house. Gatorade bottles and saltine crumbs are still in every room of the house.

I was feeling really devastated about the whole thing, it's so hard and really scary to see Maizey so sick. We've been to the pediatrician twice and the ER at Children's once. She's still not eating much, but she's only thrown up once each day over the last 2 days, so that's definitely progress. Also, we're finally starting to get glimpses back of her silly, sweet personality. She is so upbeat and spunky that it makes it especially hard to see her sick--it's like you've totally lost your daughter. But, like I said, we're all starting to feel a little better.

I've started my quarter after a too-short spring break. I already have an exam--it's next week and worth just less than 1/4 of my grade, I'm trying to hit the ground running, but I don't even feel like hitting the ground walking--or even hitting the ground. In fact, I'm supposed to be studying right this moment. I think we both know how that's working out.

The great news is that Maizey is walking and talking--in that way that walking and talking starts out. I really thought this stuff would be more clear cut. My baby book asks for a date for the first word and the first walk. But, it's not like it just happens all the sudden. Here's what is actually happening: Maizey can take a step or two or three to go from one place to the next, no leisurely strolls just yet. So, I don't really know if that qualifies as walking per se, but I'm going to call it that. Also, I'm pretty sure we're conversing now. Yesterday I was trying to get her to take a sip of apple juice and she kept pushing it away and finally said "Nah!" Also, when she waves she says "Hiyahhhhmm" which everyone knows is just baby for hi. Also, in her ubergeniusness she said "hiyahhh dahhdahhh" a couple of days ago when Ryan walked into the bedroom. Sure there is a hint of sarcasm in all of this, but I do think that she is walking and talking--just in the very early stages.

So why is she so smart? I have new theories about it all. Okay, let me just start by saying that every baby is smart and wonderful and whatever sleeping style a parent chooses is really determined by individual needs and motivations. I said it once, and I'll say it a million times, I'm motivated by sleep. Which, is why I initially chose to let Maizey start sleeping in my bed. But, I've been doing research about co-sleeping/sleep sharing/the family bed for a while now, and I"m sure at the dismay of many--I think I am going to stick with it for a while. What I find to be particularly interesting is the research around how it may reduce risk of SIDS. How they believe that babies' breathing becomes regulated by their mothers' when they sleep in close proximity. I think I may have just found my platform. They also find that children who co-slept have high self-esteem and are more likely to go to college and do well in school. What the research may not show is that children who co-slept are probably less likely to have siblings and their parents are more likely to be divorced and daddy was more likely to go to hire prostitutes.

Moving right along, my little deary is almost 1!!! I'm dying. I can't believe it! Also, my camera is broken, so I only have photos that I took with my video camera to share and just a few of them from today. Auntie Erika is being extremely generous and giving us her gently used camera with the works. I'm super excited!

Tired baby in bed.

Looking through her baby book. She kept coming back to this photo of Grandpa.


I'm quite sure she was going big potty in this photo.

Cute pic, but I'm wishing the cords didn't look so messy behind her.


Barb said...

you are so freaking funny, my hats off to you because you make everyday things seem so hilarious. It is no wonder you made blog of note. A mom, going to school and taking hard classes, with everything else, whew!!! It is a pleasure to read this, always. Mom

Mo said...

I also do whatever it takes to get as much sleep as possible. Everyone has a different sleeping situation, so just do what works for you- I've always said a rested mother is the best mother!

Beth Zarling said...

Your mom is right. My days sound so boring compared to yours.
I also agree with Mo- do what you want. IF it works for you, so be it. I would hate it, so H sleeps in her crib. Maybe the crib explains why she is still not crawling yet....

Jessica Zevely said...

OH MY GOD. I love you guys.

Georgia said...

Im so glad Maizey is feeling better! Everytime ari gets sick i swear she is never going to be herself again and then boom...she's back!!
I can't believe shes almost one!! craziness!! She's such a big girl, I miss her!!

Queenneenee said...

I tried the co-sleeping, especially on nights my boy was up and I wanted to be down! He would NOT go to sleep in my bed! So that didn't happen. Maizey is just adorable-enjoy-she will be 12 before you know it!