Tuesday, May 20, 2008

First Sleepless-ish Night

So, it's finally happening. Everyone told me it would. They said once Maizey got older she'd stop sleeping so well. Last night she was up twice, which never happens, but she went back to bed easily. Tonight she went to bed at 10pm and was up at 2:30am, not too bad. The trouble is she was WIRED and cranky! I was feeling frustrated for the first time since she has been born. Ryan woke up twice to try to help--and let me put that remarkable fact into context for you: Ryan NEVER wakes up, even when tree branches were falling on our roof he stayed asleep!

So, feeling frustrated and tired and engorged (I only pump at night, usually once the baby falls back asleep), in desperation I remembered the swing--a toy that I thought was gimmicky and over-the-top once Maizey was born, my baby didn't need a swing just some old fashioned rocking by her mama...um, I was wrong-o.

I set the baby in, turned on the cheezy music with birds chirping in the background, and for the first moment in many she was quiet. Now, she's sleeping, yes sleeping. I'm blogging to kill the time until she is in deep deep sleep. I don't want to risk moving her even a second before. The trouble is I think the batteries are running out and there isn't a C battery for miles (okay maybe only one mile).

Here is Maizey as the grogginess sets in:


Ricki-Ratzzi said...

Hilarious. I love her socks. She looks delirious. Told ya so... Much love.

DeeDee said...

hey lana... i love reading your blog. you are a fantastic writer. your little one is precious. look forward to seeing you at the reunion!!

Jessica Zevely said...

Worlds cutest baby is RIGHT-O. I am so impressed..she's getting so big! And cute :)

Love, Auntie Jess