Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Irritable Uterus

So, after waiting and waiting, the day of my shower finally arrived! It was so fun to get to see the people that I love but don't see that much, and of course it was great to see those who I see all the time (mom). I got almost everything that was on my registry, and so much more. When I got home and got everything unloaded into Maizey's room, it looked like a tornado hit. It was seriously out of control.

I only have 2 more days left of school and then a final next week. I feel so relieved to be about done. All I can think about is this baby, and all I want to do is nest. So starting next week, let the nesting begin! Nesting and a lot of sleeping. I have contractions all day long, and it sucks to have obligations (like school) when all you want to do is sit and fold baby clothes or watch Project Runway reruns. My contractions have gotten so regular that I had to go to the hospital on Friday to get a test to see if I was at risk for early labor. Luckily I'm not, the test came back negative for protein (which is good). But, the doctor could see on the monitor that I was having contractions every couple of minutes, so I left the hospital with an official diagnosis of an "Irritable Uterus"...yeah tell me something I don't know. So, where before I had my diagnosis I was just told to stay off my feet all the time, now I am free to do as I please, and I sort of wish that I was back on bedrest--those were happy times.

We start our child birth classes tonight. I'm super excited about that. I have a lot of questions that I am hoping to get answered. Last night we went to a free Cloth Diaper Workshop. We learned so much and really are so amazed at what is available. We were about 85% sure that we were going to use them, now we're 115% sure. Here is a link to the lady who puts on the workshops website: It's worth going, even if you think that you could only use's really great information.

I haven't been able to see my feet for a while now, instead this is what I see when I look down.

Disaster Picture #1

Disaster Picture #2

Here is a picture of the cloth diaper we chose, it's made of BAMBOO!! It's so soft and amazing, I want a Bamboozle diaper for myself.


sales said...

Hey you! I just found this thru my site tracker and I am honored that you put my link on your blog. Thank you for the kind words. Good luck on your test and have fun nesting! Let me know what funny things you spend hours cleaning...I took all the blinds off every window in our home one night and hand washed them in the bathtub!Being pregnant is hilarious.

lacers said...

Good luck with going through everything. It took me days!! I haven't stopped cleaning for weeks. I think I'm driving the family crazy. It is so exciting!! Good luck with your finals. You look fantastic!!